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Papuan linguistics

The Papuan linguistics pages are set up to provide information on some of the non-Austronesian languages on and near New Guinea, particularly work being carried out by people at the Australian National University.

The label 'Papuan' is problematic, since the languages in question do not form a genealogical group (nor is such a family claimed). Nonetheless, it is convenient to talk of 'Papuan' rather than 'non-Austronesian and not Australian languages spoken on and near New Guinea'.

Papuan languages, in this sense, are found in five countries: Indonesian, Timor Leste, Papua New Guinea, Australia, and The Solomons.

Papuan languages

Papuan Languages

At the ANU the following people are working on Papuan linguistics:

  • Matt Carroll;
  • Fanny Cottet;
  • Mark Donohue;
  • Christian Döhler;
  • Beth Evans;
  • Nick Evans;
  • Simon Greenhill;
  • Niko Kobepa;
  • Julia Miller;
  • Meredith Osmond;
  • Andy Pawley;
  • Malcolm Ross;
  • Charlotte van Tongeren;
  • Ongoing Papuan projects include:

  • Austronesian interactions in Melanesia and Southeast Asia;
  • Southern New Guinea;
  • Inseparable from the question of the study of 'Papuan linguistics' is the field of Austronesian linguistics.

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